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– We are delighted that we have filled out 15 Silver Bond Bath Half places with our amazing runners. The event takes place on Sunday 4th March 2018, the runners will be taking out VirginGiving pages to raise money for Focus Counselling, it would be great if you could sponsor them.  As well as team runs, a pasta party before the Bath Half the runners are given a well deserved leg massage after the race.

Timetotalklogo– Focus is launching it’s new campaign for Christmas and 2018.  We believe that talking and being heard are vital for a person’s wellbeing.  So starting this Christmas take time to seek out that friend who is sad.  Listen to that neighbour who is on their own.  We need to talk and listen to everyone around us.  Listening is the most powerful force for change.  Let’s do it!

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Focus is looking for a new Children's Counsellor who can work with 3+ age group. We need a new member of our ever growing team to join us. We work very hard but we are a great place to be!

Please do get in touch with Jan Robertson at
Many thanks.
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I wish more people understood this ... What do you think? <3

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Most children begin to show their talent in form of interest in various activities. As parents and caregivers, we owe it to them, to help them discover and develop this TALENT or destroy it by neglecting it or not being attentive ... See MoreSee Less

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So it is Christmas Eve. Remember all those who don’t have anyone to talk to because they are alone or Homeless.
Take a moment to talk to your neighbour or friend who won’t be spending the next few days with loved ones.
A kind word makes the difference.
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