Professional Counselling Agency


We have five designated children’s workers. They practise person centred therapy with children aged 4 and upwards. There is a special therapy room for the children where they can express themselves through talking, play, art and writing. Many of the children are facing real difficulties in their lives. These include anxiety, bereavement, divorce, abuse, neglect, bullying, low self esteem and depression. Each child is given unconditional acceptance of who they are, empathy, no judgement and a safe place to be. Through the empowering process of working with their counsellors the children can find the resilience to go on, self esteem, joy, acceptance of who they are and the ability to say how they feel without being misunderstood and judged.


Focus is now able to work with families who are experiencing difficulties. It is very helpful for the family to be able to meet with a professional and have the help to work through systemic issues in their family dynamic. We have seen some real change in all the families that we work with and empowered them to continue with the work in their home environment.